Norfolk Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is now in its eighth year.  A significant number of current Headteachers have been delegates of the Academy, and Leadership Academy 1 has helped the careers of many into Leadership Team positions.  Our task is not only to promote the careers of individuals but to promote a better knowledge and understanding of the nature of leadership and the management of staff and school processes.

Norfolk is an attractive place to live and many of our staff move between schools within the County.  It, therefore, is beneficial to all schools to ‘sharpen the thinking’ and improve the performance of those middle and senior leaders who will provide the foundation of school leadership in the near future.

Our Excellence Centre is the base for the delivery of the elements of the programme available:

Leadership Academy 1 – for new members of a Leadership Team or those aspiring to such posts.

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”pdf”]Leadership Academy 2013-2014 Programme[/prettyfilelink]

Leadership Academy 2 – for experienced Senior Leaders who are aspiring to Headship.

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”pdf”]Leadership Academy 2013-2014 Programme 2[/prettyfilelink]

Internship ProgrammeThe Internship Programme is open to delegates of both Academies but also all others in the secondary sector who are at middle leader level or above.  It is intended to give all interns the experience of life in another school.  We secure the placement of each intern which will hopefully provide a different type of school through size or location.

In the final half term of the year, interns will spend a week in another school.  During this time they will shadow members of the Leadership Team, attend all relevant school activities (including Parents’ Evenings, Intake Evenings etc.) and hopefully, with express permission, any Governing Body meetings scheduled for that week.  Interns are not to act as supply teachers but should be commissioned to undertake research that the Leadership Team requires.  This report is confidential to the receiving school.  It is recommended that the intern experience is a continuous one and not, for example, one day per week over five weeks.

Evaluations from previous interns have been extremely positive and receiving schools have benefitted from a detached and independent view of their school and its activities.

WISH Group – Women into Secondary Headship.

Applications should be made directly to the Professional Development Centre – 01603 307710.