Specialist Leaders of Education

Specialist Leaders of Education are outstanding Middle and Senior Leaders with at least two years leadership experience in a particular specialism (for example, Mathematics, School Business Management or Initial Teacher Training).

Their role is to provide high quality support to individuals or teams in a similar position in other schools.

We have the following Specialist Leaders of Education as part of our Teaching School, however can access a network of additional SLEs through the Norfolk wide register.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements to ensure we can link you with the correct specialist.

Phil Hookway

I have been teaching Science for approximately 12 Years and had experience of being a curriculum leader at KS3, KS4 and KS5.  I have experience in delivering combined Science and Triple Science , AS level Physics, AS level Biology, A Level Science in Society and A  level in Applied Science.  My area of expertise is raising science standards, science curriculum design and supporting science departments through times of change.
George Walker

“I have been a Teacher of English, media and Film for 11 years and a Curriculum Leader in the English Department at Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form for 5 years. I have a particular interest in the use of formative and summative assessment, differentiation and Flipped Learning.”
Nadia Allen

I have led the RPE department at Thorpe St Andrew for 13 years and worked as a Lead practitioner for the SSAT with a focus on RE too. I also deliver CPD with broader whole school issues particularly with my current role as “Specialist lead, teaching and learning”. During my 18 years of experience in teaching I have developed a range of skills and knowledge in my curriculum area and beyond. At the moment my interest is in current education research, in particular how children learn and retain knowledge as well as how positive psychology can improve behaviour and progress in the classroom.
Kate Woodcock

I worked in the Early Year sector within various roles for 6 years

I have been employed as a Teacher of Health & Social Care at TSAS since 2008. I coordinate all vocational BTEC courses in the school entry- level 3 for 11 different subject areas, most of which I have assisted staff in starting. I am the Programme Manager for Children’s Play, Learning & Development and manage the GCSE Child Development for the school.

I am also employed as a Standards Verifier for BTEC moderating coursework and placement portfolios.

Justin Higgins

I am currently the Curriculum Leader – IT and Computing Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form. I have 13 years of experience of being a Head of Department and Curriculum Leader for ICT and Computing.

I am a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator and have a love of trying out new ideas and technology.

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