Whilst being the school of choice for our students and parents, our school will deliver the very best teaching practice to our students and be at the forefront in developments in this practice.

National Teaching School status will bring significant benefits to the students whose school education we are entrusted to deliver.

We will attract and appoint the very best practitioners who will be able to focus upon their teaching because of our excellent students.

Our sharing of best practice and research will involve everyone in the school, our alliance partners in other schools and the wider educational community in developing:


ntlec vision


To achieve our joint vision we need every educator (Teacher, Associate Staff member, Leaders and Governors) working together to create a Professional Learning Community, NTLEC.  The starting point for our Professional Learning Community is the three elements, set out by Hargreaves and Fullan:

  • Communities – where educators work in continuing groups and relationships, where they are committed to and have collective responsibility for a common educational purpose, where they are committed to improving their practice in relation to that purpose, and where they are committed to respecting each others’ lives and dignity as professionals and as people.
  • Learning Communities – where improvement is driven by the commitment to improving students’ learning, well being, and achievement; where the process of improvement is heavily informed by professional learning and inquiry into students’ learning and into effective principles of teaching and learning in general; and where any problems are addressed through organisational learning in which everyone in the organisation learns their way out of problems instead of jumping for off the shelf, quick-fix solutions.
  • Professional Learning Communities  where collaborative improvements and decisions are informed by, but not dependent on, scientific and statistical evidence, where they are guided by experienced collective judgement, and where they are pushed forward by grown up, challenging conversations about effective and ineffective practice.